BEATS: Round 3

This week i got sick and accidentally left my bike on a bus on the way to work so i needed a pick me up. Of course, my search for beats provided it. Find your favorite ...

JAWZ – After Dark

Jawz is a new comer out of Sydney, Australia. Australia has been shooting out massive amounts of talented producers in the past couple years and JAWZ is no acceptation. With an array of instruments, synths, ...

TREATS: Round 6

I missed a week. I could feel the anxious cries of readers all over the country asking “where are my TREATS this week?!”. Worry not, because i have returned with bangers to make up for ...

The Weekly Baddie | Keljet

This week: I’ve got a duel collaboration for this weeks baddie(s). Dutchmen Koen Mestrum and Teun Pranger of the Netherlands have been making crazy strides in the nu disco music scene together since early 2009 when ...
Vogue Dots |

PREMIERE: Vogue Dots – Mauka EP

Vogue Dots are what Halifax has been waiting for. Having recently released a single via Brooklyn’s Cascine Records (Southern Shores, Airbird & Napolian, Yumi Zouma, etc.), the young group have set their sights on the ...
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